149th Illinois State Grange Session

The Executive Committee has decided that the 149th IL State Grange Session will be a one-day meeting held at Hopewell Grange Hall on September 12, 9:30 am – 3:00 pm.  This decision was made due to COVID 19 concerns.  We are only inviting Delegates and State Officers.  Each Subordinate and Pomona Grange is eligible to send two delegates, and there would be 2 youth delegates this year.  If the Master is unable to attend, delegates can be elected or appointed by the Grange. 

There will be a fee of $15 per delegate/officer.  This will cover booklet with all reports, registration fee and lunch (fried chicken- check Illinois Granger). 

The business that will be conducted will be resolutions, budget and election of Executive Committee member.  This is the position that Lyle Lee holds at this time and he has decided not to run again for this office.  This position needs to be filled by someone from Boone or Winnebago Counties, according to our Bylaws. 

We are hoping that you are all working on resolutions that are due to Robin Kindberg on or before August 1, 20.  Don’t forget to send supporting documentation.   At that time, we also need to know who the delegates will be.  The Delegates will be assigned to committees and will be sent when all the resolutions are returned to the Granges.  The Committees will be given access to Zoom for teleconference/tele-video communications so that they the members can discuss the resolutions.  Then at the State Session the decisions of the committee will be presented and voted on by the delegates.  The committee will be given a brief amount of time at the meeting to review their report.

COVID 19 face masks are recommended but not required.  

Program directors I am asking each of you to consider staying on the committee or continuing for one more year.  You could use the same programs as this past year.  At this time we are considering having the 150th session in Springfield.  If you have questions /concerns/issues , please let me know.  If you are not a delegate or officer you do not need to attend the 149th session.  

Watch the IL Granger, Illinois State Grange and Illinois Granger Facebook pages and email for any updates.  Any questions please contact me. 

The draft schedule at this time:

149th Annual Session of the Illinois State Grange

Hopewell    Washington, IL, September 12, 2020

9:00 AM – 9:30 AM  Registration

9:30    Open in the Sixth Degree – Lynette SchaefferMaster

Roll Call of Officers/Delegates 

Adoption of Order of Business – Frank D Wurth, Chair Exec Comm 

Meeting place for 2021

Reports –Treasurer (Budget), Kevin  Secretary, Robin – Credentials

Election of EXEC Committee member

 Lunch – Committee review documents during lunch break



3:00   Grange Closed in the Fourth Degree 

April is Grange Month

Brothers and Sisters,

April is Grange Month, and we are thrilled to celebrate our 153rd year of National Grange. Once again it’s time for us to applaud the greatest organization, The National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry. 

We have a proud history of supporting, educating, advocating, and sometimes fighting for rural Americans. I hope that you have made plans to celebrate our 153rd year and our continued efforts to improve– increasing the skills, talents, and knowledge of our members, making our communities better places to live, providing common sense solutions to our State and Nation. In this time of extreme partisanship, incivility, and lack of respect for our fellow men and women, the Grange is needed more than ever.
Our traditions of civic involvement, open discussions of difficult issues, civil discourse and respect for all, make Grange a valuable contributor to every community across America. We need to let our neighbors know that by making a special effort to open the doors of your hall and welcoming interested residents of your community to an activity. Or step outside your hall and share the benefits of our Order with the good citizens that live nearby. We have often been the best kept secret but we need to change that now!
Our theme this year is “Cultivating Connections” and Grange Month is the perfect time to do just that. As I talk with Grangers and others throughout our country, I find people who are interested and enthused about our organization. Youth and young adults seek opportunities to learn and improve themselves for better careers and better lives.

Parents tell me of the challenges that society often places in the way of teaching their children American values. The newly retired are looking for places to give back or develop interests that they postponed during their careers. To all of these, the Grange is the solution– all they need is an invitation to be a part of our family.

Please cultivate those connections in your community and invite some of these folks to join our organization this month. Share with them what your community Grange does and give them the opportunity to be part of our national organization. And most of all, celebrate and have fun!



Betsy E. Huber

National Master

Pomona Meeting

You are all invited to St Clair County Pomona meeting at Emerald Mound Grange Hall, Wednesday December 11. Potluck 6:30 pm meeting to start at 7:30.  Lecturer Marilyn Hoffman would like all to bring a white elephant gift to share.  According to Marilyn white elephant is anything you don’t want in your house and want to give away, so wrap it and bring to Pomona Grange meeting to exchange with others.  See you then! Please share with others