Master GRIT Important Points October 2019

Thanks to the hosts for 148th State Session in Belvidere. Thanks to Boone and Winnebago countys for their hospitality. Chris and Duane Hamp had a great time and enjoyed session and felt right at home. One resolution has been sent to National Session. I appreciate the work done by David Donley, Legislative Director on compiling IL State Grange policies and all the work the session committees did in refining them. – – – This year was the first time we held the session at a fairground, first time we held the meeting/display apart from the hotel. Things you liked/disliked about session.

One of the resolutions from this past session dealt with giving the Deputies, information about the duties of the position and a booklet of important papers. Bylaws, NG Digest, and several other policy items are gathered in these booklets. Will the deputies come forward. The policy statements form IL State Grange and National Grange are not available at this time. But will be given to you as soon as available. Each Grange should have a copy of the By-Laws, and if you can’t find the copy that was given to each Grange at a GRIT several years ago, please let me know. Each Grange should have a copy of the National Grange Digest of Laws, the book is on the website

G Bills – thanks to all you for your support we made ~$2900 plus during the last session that will be used to pay part of the IL expenses for National session. We will continue the G-bills for the next year, and we will be using it for Honor Memorial Scholarship Fund. Remember the Scholarship fund when a member passes away or if anyone want to make a donation. The Honor Memorial Scholarship was started by several principal donations – Hettiga, Sites, Borgman – we only use the interest and current donations for the scholarships – this past year we gave two scholarships from that account so – $500 each was taken out. Scholarships will be available to Grangers who have been Grangers 1 year and pursuing a college or trade school. The interest is not that great.  Please consider making donations to the Honor Memorial Scholarship fund.. Any G bills now??

National Grange Session will be Minneapolis, MN November 5-9, 2019. Don will be on Agriculture and I will be on Conservation Committee. Congratulations to Distinguished Granges Turkey Hill and Prairie Granges proud of you for achieving. Quilt Raffle anyone interested in tickets, GROW club tickets Karie has the tickets. I know of no Legacy families from IL this year. IL will be part of the host group. So the Granges and Grangers will be asked to help in many ways. We need your help. If you are planning to go and are willing to help with hospitality, registration, showcase sitters, legislative helpers, deputies, etc. If you work for four hours you get half your hotel room per night. Karie will be talking more about this.

Next Exec meeting date will be January 5 9:30am at Dixie Truck Stop, McLean, IL and you are welcome to attend.

Plans are being made for leadership training for anyone interested – Probably in March probably one of them in southern and northern, not sure if should have a central one. It would be at least 4-hour meeting. When details are finalized information will be shared via email, fb and usps mail. Last couple years we did a craft or project for the Community Service. Would you like that again?? Suggestions for topics?? I will probably have Master’s conference on President’s day weekend. And I expect to share lots of what I learn then and then share with your all in March.

Watch for the information in the Granger and other media for the Midwest Grange Leadership Conference. IL is host this year. Plans are being made now.

149th next year – will be September 11- 13, 2020 at Northfield Inn, Springfield, Il.

Background Check, Safe gatherings – IL will be paying for State Junior and Youth directors and one person per chartered Junior Grange. $37 each person who does the background check. Karie and Mindy will talk more about it.

RALI – Rx Abuse Leadership – those Granges want more of the bags for disposal of old prescriptions please let me know. I will do a request for more of them. I will distribute at the Leadership meetings in March.

Building Fund – for National Grange – Lincoln’s for National Building. Pennies or $5. National Grange Exec has recently received a building engineering survey- which indicates items that need repair in a 60-year-old building. We will be sharing that informational details at National – but suffice it to say we will need to spend much on the repairs and upkeep of the National Grange building. Anyone making a tax-deductible donation to the National Grange building fund via the National Grange Foundation will receive proper paperwork from National Grange.

Good Day Magazine – have you subscribed? I hope that all of you have subscribed there are forms here. Illinois appears in many of the magazines.

Have you looked at the National Grange DATABASE and started to update your Grange’s information, birthdays or at least year. This information is needed for benefits that we could be eligible to get via National Grange. Look often at the National Grange for Benefits. Loretta Washington

Bonding letters are available for each Grange – I just received it yesterday and am handing it out to the Granges, starting today.

Taxes – eform 990 – keep them current. Need any help, please contact me or Karie or Robin after she has learned the procedure.

Plans are getting started for the 150th committee if you are interested in serving on the committee please let me know. Looking for fund raising ideas, what you want to do, how to celebrate, when to celebrate, historical information, etc. Should we have a logo for the 150th celebration? A couple points has to be simple – could be easily sized to pin or poster. The plans for the session will be in September 2021 in St Clair County, then in conjunction with the Grange Camping and Picnic in May 2022 we plan to hold a gala. WE plan on creating a history book about the Illinois State Grange. If you want to help with anything contact me.

Promote your Grange in any public media you can – Let others know what you are doing in your community – that is the key to a happy healthy Grange – and a happy healthy Grange gets new members.

Work with other Granges and Grangers it only makes us stronger.

Master – Lynette Schaeffer , Youth & Overseer & 2019 host – Karie, Agriculture – Earl, Community Service – Tracey, Communication/Editor/WebMaster Ruth and DJ, FAC –Sharon, Juniors – Mindy, Lecturer – Ethan, Legislative David, Membership – LindaKay, Secretary – Robin, Historian – Bev.

Just remember that you all Involved Citizens who Preserve down life’s pathway ever facing the Light.

Illinois State Grange Lecturer’s Contests 2019 – 2020