GRIT – 22 November 2020


Justin – Ag

Joan for Sharon – FAC

Tracey – CS

Mindy – JR

Robin – Sec

Ruth – Editor

DJ – website

If anyone has any comments or suggestions, please email me at

Karie – Youth / Overseer

I would like to try some new ideas this coming year.

  1. I will be starting on the 4th Monday of the month in December with an online ZOOM meeting for anyone who would like to join. December 28 th will be the first ZOOM. I will send the ZOOM information to anyone who responds on Facebook or to the new youth email account:
    Schedule so far for the ZOOM Meetings
    December 28th 7 pm – Introduction of State Youth Projects possible community service project
    January 25th 7 pm – Introduction of National Grange Youth Projects continue working on CS project
  2. I had posted online an online project for anyone to participate in. As I got no entries I am reintroducing it at the GRIT conference and modifying the deadline to January 1 st . I think it will give us something fun to try and play around with during the strange holiday season we are entering into. It is a Facebook cover photo challenge all details will be available on the Illinois State Grange Facebook group and online at the Illinois State Grange Website.
  3. Look for more online options to do things together as we all need to see people other than our immediate family and our coworkers.
  4. I can’t wait for restrictions to be lifted but until they are we need to find ways to do things together. Youth can help you figure it out. If you have a smart phone you can probably get logged onto a ZOOM meeting. Join Facebook, we post so many things online and you can see what other Granges are doing across the country. The PA State Lecturer and other departments have joined forces and twice have held an online painting party. For a nominal fee they all ZOOM together at the same time and our taught how to create something together. It costs a little more if you have them send you the supplies, but it’s not a bad idea.
  5. Keep checking online and in the Granger for deadline updates and new programs.

Ethan – Lecturer

David – Legislative

Bev – Historian

Lynette – report